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May 26, 2022 4 min read

Managing and growing your lash empire is no simple feat. 
Though it can be daunting, being able to live life your way and having the flexibility to do so can be extremely rewarding. There’s LOTS of advice out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to a few points. 

Get clear on your goals and priorities.

Whatis a goal, exactly?

Let’s get our definitions crystal clear to start with so we can get it right from the get go! A goal is something you’re working toward accomplishing. It could be anything from increasing your income to opening multiple lash studios, doubling your client roster, increasing word-of-mouth referrals or launching an online course in a month. It could even be to grow your Instagram account to 10k followers in the next 90 days.

What is a priority?

A priority is what you focus on or schedule into your calendar first when sitting down to plan out your week. For instance, family time should always come before taking on more work or clients, because it’s your top priority. Another example of a priority would be blocking off time to focus on emails or social media content every morning at 8 am, even if that means you have to postpone working on client consultations until later in the day.

Build a plan that supports your goals.


Having a plan that supports your goals is an absolute must. Writing your plans down is another important factor to making them happen. Your goals and dreams are far more likely to become reality if you have written them down and regularly reflect on them, otherwise, a goal falls in danger of being just a dream.
The most common way of creating a plan that supports your goals is with a weekly routine or schedule. If you’re running a lash business, this can make or break how smoothly things run for you each week! It’s also important to note that every good plan takes time to see results; so consistency is key.

Set boundaries for yourself

You want to be the best lash boss you can be, but that can't happen if your clients (or life in general) demand more from you than you can give. Perhaps they want to add an extra service or need a last minute appointment, or even constantly cancel last minute. Perhaps they're bringing their children or pets with them when it's not allowed. Remember that YOU are in charge, so YOU make the rules for your business and YOU set boundaries for yourself.
Whether it be your friends and family, or your clients, your boundaries are crucial so you can stay focused on the important stuff at hand and not feel like you’re being stretched out.

Cultivate support from others who are able to offer the kind of accountability you need and want 

Reaching out to others is a kind of power exercise - it's one we can use to our own advantage while lending mutual support & encouragement. Being in the beauty industry, genuine support and constructive feedback helps us feel less alone and it also sets us up to develop the kind of accountability relationship that allows them to help us, too.
Where can you find this support? First identify the kind of help you want: those who have achieved self-growth, those who have access to certain resources (money or connections), and those whose work is in alignment with their values. You can find them through community groups, social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or simply asking around for referrals (e.g., "I'm looking for some accountability partners/ beauty industry mentors / coaches, etc. ").

Get comfortable with letting go of some things in order to focus on what matters most 

Learning how to say no is a huge part of being the ultimate lash boss. Don't be afraid to turn away opportunities that don't align with your goals, fit with your time, or things you aren't comfortable with. A lot of times, we feel like we need to do everything and please everyone. But saying yes just for the sake of saying yes isn't sustainable, and it's not healthy. Making time for yourself and your personal life is important, so create boundaries to protect that time. Try not to get too bogged down about what your clients think—it's okay if they don't understand or get angry—because you know what you're capable of handling.

Use outsourcing, automation and other tools to help streamline the time spent on repetitive or redundant tasks.

As a lash-preneur, you will find yourself wearingmany hats. It’s nearly impossible for one person to do it all flawlessly – which is why we highly recommend outsourcing and automating as much as possible. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Outsource mundane or repetitive tasks that can be done by someone else. This can include administrative tasks like graphic design, email marketing campaigns and social media content creation.
  • Invest in systems and tools. Find ways that technology can streamline your processes so you have more time to focus on the big picture of your business.
  • Create systems and processes to streamline your workflow. The more streamlined these processes are, the easier they will be for someone else to pick up if needed in the future!
  • Get suppliers you can trust, rely on and don’t treat you like just a number. Nothing is more annoying than not receiving the supplies you need when you need them. 

It's possible to have a successful lash business without compromising your personal life

Finally, for all the hard work that goes into creating an impressive lash business, the most important aspect of a successful lash operation is making sure you're not neglecting your health and wellbeing (this encompasses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). 
Yes, your business needs nurturing and your skills need to be honed, but if you're constantly ignoring your own needs, it's going to be impossible to maintain your best mood and the perspective needed to give your clients a confidence boost. Take care of yourself first, because it's a lot easier to focus on others when you're not constantly stressed and exhausted. 
Setting aside time for you (whether it’s 5 minutes every morning, or a blocked out time over the week) ensures that you can provide better services for everyone who walks through your door.