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July 07, 2022 3 min read

There are a million ways to grow your lash extension client business. Some work, some don't. Some might work for one lash technician and not for others.

So here's what we know from experience:


Don't leave it up to your customers to find you!

Make it easy for lash customers to find you online. Work out the kinks when it comes to your Google maps, make sure your business is searchable locally, find ways to continually improve your website SEO and make sure that your customers' rave reviews are clearly visible on your social media and on Google.


Don't be shy - Ask for referrals from your current clients

Your happiest client is your best PR person. Had a customer RAVE about your lash extension abilities? Don't hold back from asking them to refer you to their friends (provide perks or specials if needed). Make it known that their support is highly valued and crucial to a growing business like yours.


Make sure your website/Instagram has high-quality photos (especially before/after photos)

Everyone loves a glow up! And especially when they know what they're going to expect. Working on a diverse set of clientele, different eye types and LOOKS (or making it known that you CAN do so) will boost your customer's confidence and give them a visual understanding of your services.


Offer short term deals

Being a lash technician is hard and short changing yourself is a no-no. But considering short term (and relevant) offers in your budget is a great way to surprise, excite and delight your customers, which in turn shows that you care beyond the point of them coming in when they need to.


Find Your Niche

Be the lash technician who’s lashes stay on for weeks…or whatever your super power skill is, MAKE IT KNOWN. It goes without saying that constantly improving your skills all around is a must, especially if that skill solves a major customer pain point (in this case, poor lash retention). It can be achieving certain looks with ease, having great experience with sensitive eyes or being able to make your client’s lashes stay on forever. Find your key strength and focus your marketing around it.


Think of yourself as more of a beauty concierge/therapy service

Every lash artist knows the job description doesn’t end at that. Your unique service, the way you treat your clients and overall charisma goes hand in hand to keep word-of-mouth going. Normalise thinking that there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to customer experience. It could be 

- actively taking note of what your customers love (it could be remembering how much they love hip-hop and having a special playlist just for them!)

- addressing issues or concerns they feel nervous voicing out

- educating them on lash health, lash care, aesthetics, etc.

- making sure they feel special 

- make reassurance and expertise key features in the experience

Your top takeaway? Bedside manner matters


Keep it real when it comes to you and your client's time

Managing expectations and being upfront (and at times, even over communicating) is super important. The closer a client gets to knowing what to expect, the more trust is built. For example, if a customer comes into your salon and wants a full set of lashes for an upcoming event, ask them if they'd rather come in early on Friday or late on Thursday and be direct about how much time is involved. Your clients will appreciate the honesty too. 


Lastly, know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. All lash businesses go through fluctuations, but figuring out what’s working best for you, having the drive to stick to it and improving continuously will provide with all the insights you need for your lash business to thrive.