3D Pre Made Volume Fans - C Curl (Mixed Length)

$19.95 $16.95

Please Note: Due to a change in our manufacturer there will be some inconsistencies in the packaging and amount of lashes in our 3D trays. All trays will be at least 16 lines and 240 lashes in total, however some may have more.
This should be resolved in the next month or so, but while we clear out old stock we will be reducing the price of all our 3D lashes from $19.95 to $16.95

Looking for a way to give your client’s lashes a fuller look while saving time? If you’re not yet trained in Russian volume, still learning, or simply looking for a faster alternative then these premium quality W Volume lashes are the perfect addition to your lashing arsenal.

W Lashes (also known as 3D Lashes) are actually 3 lashes joined together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller, more voluminous look. They’re perfect for clients without many natural lashes, or simply used to cut down application time.

Our lashes feature a gorgeous semi-gloss finish, are extremely light weight and are made from high quality PBT synthetic materials for a stronger bond, better wear and tear and lower chance of allergic reaction.

Requiring less adhesive than classic lashes and coming in .07 & .10 thickness, when applied correctly our volume fans cause minimal stress to the client’s natural lashes while still giving a beautiful, full appearance. For clients with thick natural lashes you can even combine 2 W fans to create 6D fans for an even fuller effect.

For amazing results and longer lasting lashes use in combination with our Strong Hold Adhesive


  • Always remove lashes with the tweezers approaching from the side, never from directly above
  • Pluck the lash from just above the adhesive strip and directly below where the individual lashes join together
  • If removing the lashes is difficult apply some gentle heat to the tray or strip. A lamp or sunlight is ideal.

(See our FAQ section for a Video Tutorial)


    • Beautiful Semi-Gloss Finish
    • Strong Bonding & Long Lasting
    • Fast Application Time
    • 16 Lines Per Tray
     Curl C - Our most popular lash featuring a defined curl and a stronger lift that opens and highlights the eyes
    Colour Black
    Lines 16 Lines per tray
    Thickness .07 .10
    Lengths in Tray 8/8/8/10/10/10/10/10/12/12/12/12/12/14/14/14

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