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Silk Eyelash Extensions For Classic & Volume


Whether it be classic lash extensions, russian volume lash extensions, mega volume, or hybrid sets, our premium silk lashes come in a variety of curls, thickness and lengths to cater to your needs. 

What are your Silk Lash Extensions made from?

Our silk lashes are made from PBT, the same synthetic fibre that all lash extensions are made from. The silk is just a description of the finish of the lash which is a dark, semi gloss finish. 

What thickness is best for classic lashes? 

For classic lash extensions (1:1) we recommend .10, .15 or .20 diameter with .15 being the most popular choice. 

    What thickness is best for Russian volume lashes?

    For Russian volume lash extensions we recommend .03, .05, .07 or .10 with .07 being the most popular diameter. Please be careful with the .07 and 0.10 diameters not to use more extensions than your clients natural lashes can safely handle (we recommend not going beyond 3D with the .10s or 7D with the .07s)


    What extensions are best for a natural look?

    For classic natural extensions it's best to stick to the 8mm-12mm length range (depending on the length of your client's natural lashes) and with thinner lash diameters such as the 0.10 or 0.15. For the most natural curl the B curl lashes are the best choice. While D curl lashes will provide the most dramatic effect and C curl lashes provide a great balance and are the overall most popular lash curl.

    What are the lightest lash extensions?

    The lightest extensions we stock are the 0.03 diameters with the weight going up for each diameter from there. And of course the shorter the length of the extension the lighter it will be.

    How many clients can I service from 1 tray?

    This will depend on the type of application (Russian volume, classic, hybrid etc) and how much volume you are going for with each set. It will also depend on the diameter of the lash (There will be  more lashes in a 0.03 diameter tray than there will be for larger diameter lash trays). 

    As a general guide though, for classic sets with extensions on most natural lashes then you will find that a .15 diameter tray will last around 10-12 services.

    Are your silk lashes vegan friendly?

    Yes, our lashes are made from a synthetic material that contains no animal products, or by-products. 'Silk' simply refers to the finish of the lashes.


     What is the difference between silk & mink lashes?

    When it comes to Silk, Faux Mink (usually just referred to as mink) and Synthetic lashes they're all just different names for the same thing. These lashes are all man made, using synthetic fibres.

    While the materials are the same, the quality and finish of these lashes can vary. Some may have a glossy sheen to them, while others may have a more matte finish.  The glossier lashes will often be branded as 'silks' while lashes with a matte finish tend to be branded as 'minks'. There's currently a lot of inconsistency in the industry however, so this isn't always the case.

    All that really matters is that you like the look and feel of the lashes you choose. Here at My Lash Store we brand our range as 'silk lashes' due to the finish being on the glossier side.