Hydrogel Eye Pads (10-500pcs)

Re-position With Ease!

Treat your clients to a rejuvenating skin treatment while these dual purpose hydro gel eye pads firmly hold the lower lashes in place for super easy application.

Featuring flex-form technology, these eyelash extension pads are tailor made to suit a wide range of eye shapes and sizes and easily contour around the eye. They’re also extremely easy to re-position without losing their hold.

They contain Aloe Extract which offers a range of benefits including hydrating the skin, improving the skin’s natural firmness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.

Each hydrogel eye patch is 100% lint free, contains few ingredients and is ultra thin, making them perfect for clients with sensitive skin. 

While specifically designed for eyelash extensions and lifts, these eyelash extension patches are also ideal for your client’s home use as an under eye anti-ageing treatment, making them a perfect addition to your range of retail products.


  • Easy to re-position without losing its hold
  • Tailored fit for different eye shapes and sizes
  • 100% Lint Free with no fibres
  • Fewer ingredients to avoid irritation
  • Hydrates and Firms the Skin


  • Type: Lint Free Hydro Gel Under Eye Patch
  • Material: Lint Free Cotton
  • Size: 7.6 x 2.9cm
  • Patches per pack: 2 (1 pair)


  • Ensure under eye area is clean and dry prior to application
  • Apply eye pads on top of lower lashes without touching the eye or lower eyelid
  • Use immediately after opening
  • Do not re-use eye pads
  • If irritation occurs flush the affected area with water and cease use
  • Store out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures


 Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews

These are an amazing product ! Fast shipping ordered them literally had them at my doorstep the next day. Look forward to buying so much more of your products you will defs be MY LASH STORE MY GO TO ! Thanks so much.

Jaimi Ferguson
Absolute favourite lash eye pads!

I have been lashing for awhile now, which means I have been through my fair share of products from companies. My Lash Store are now and have been for over 10months my go to for so many products but their eye pads are absolutely insane! If you want secure eye pads that stick to your clients under eyes without irritation or any lift then buy their hydrogel eye pads! I will not use any other. 🤍

Beginner friendly

These eye pads are great! Not sticky or slimy when taking them out of the packet and are so easy to move around under the eye to get the most comfortable position for your client. Even after replacing it down it still holds it shape and posture. Easy to map out sizing on to.

Sam Simpson
I've been through hundreds of these!

I've just made what I'm pretty sure is my third or fourth order of these eye pads. They are such great quality and the price is unbeatable. There are so many eye pads out there these days that promise to be the best shape/material ect but you can't go wrong with the plain old hydrogel eyepads. Tip - make little cuts on the cheek side of the pad to make easier to fit around difficult eye shapes :)

Shelly Dixon
Love love!!

I’ve spent a lot of money trying different eye pads, and these are the best by far!! They have the perfect moisture that’s allows them to fit nice and snug, they suit all my clients.. Love them!!

Carly Montgomery
Hydrogel Eye Pads - Absolute Best Eye Pads

I have used many eye pads for my lash extensions clients over the years but these ones ARE THE BEST!!! The curve of them makes application under the eye very easy. They are also “weighty” enough to hold down the bottom lashes perfectly. The lashes don’t stick to them with glue. They also don’t get too “gel sticky” to the clients water line eye area when you remove them, and have been fantastic with my clients that have sensitive eyes and skin. My clients have even commented that the pads feel nice on, and their under eye area feels great afterwards. I highly recommend these gel patches.

Courtney Tilston
Absolutely love these!

These under eye gel pads are amazing, they’re super sticky, gentle on the clients eyes, super white as well, are cooling and soothing on the clients under eyes these are my go to!

Sivan Krispin
Simple ingredients and gentle on the underlies

These eye pads are great because the ingredients are clean and oil free (meaning it won't weaken the eyelash extension glue). I also love the fact that they are flat and therefore don't raise the natural lashes- I have used more padded ones which were challenging because of this. The shape is standard and fits comfortably for most people, however, they are thin enough to cut into in case reshaping is required. I re-purchase these because of the ingredient and the thinness of the pads.

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