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Eyelash Extension Tweezers & Tools


At My Lash Store We stock a large range of quality eyelash extension tweezers & lash tools suited to both classic lash, handmade & premade lash application.

If you're confused about the best eyelash extension tweezer for your needs then we offer great value bundle options for both fibre tip lash tweezers & our titanium lash tweezers. You can also check our lash tweezer guide & frequently asked questions section below for more information.


Eyelash Extension Tweezer Guide

The most popular lash tweezer for isolation is the classic straight lash tweezer with the longer tips helping maintain separation of the natural lashes. The isolation lash tweezer and curved lash tweezers are also well suited to isolation. The curved and straight tweezers also have the added benefit of being suitable for classic lash application as well.

While the straight lash tweezer is the most popular choice for classic application, there are plenty of other options with the curved lash tweezer, & slim boot tweezers also suited to classic lashes as well. 

When it comes to russian volume or applying premade volume fan lashes the most popular choice is the volume lash tweezer. The angled tip is perfect for pinching volume fans at the base. Other options include the slim boot and curved lash tweezer

  • Wash in warm water and detergent (don't use soap) after each use and pat dry with paper towel or allow to air dry
  • Disinfect with 100% isopropyl alcohol before allowing to air dry (please be aware that soaking for too long may damage the finish on your lash tweezers)
  • Store tweezers upright in a clean, sanitary storage solution, like a tweezer stand or lash tweezer case away from any other used or contaminated lash tools