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Which is the Best Lash Glue?

The best lash glue we stock is our Strong Hold Lash Adhesive. It’s our longest lasting glue and has hundreds of 5 star reviews, however the best glue for your needs will depend on your experience level, your technique and your working environment. With this in mind we’ve put together a comparison chart to help you choose…

What is the best lash adhesive for sensitive clients?

Our Safe Lash Adhesive is great for clients who experience allergies or reactions to cyanoacrylate (the active ingredient in all lash adhesives). It contains Ethyl cyanoacrylate which is a more gentle form of cyanoacrylate and results in a lower rate of reaction and usually much less severe symptoms in people who react to regular lash adhesives.  

It does have a slower drying time (8-10 seconds) and retention isn’t as good as our regular lash adhesives, however it’s the perfect option for clients who experience discomfort during lash appointments. It can also be mixed with your regular lash adhesive to find a better balance between retention, speed and severity of reactions. To do so simply dispense one glue dot on top of the other and mix with a toothpick.


    How long do your lash adhesives last?

    We have fresh adhesives produced every month so the shelf life is at least 6 months from purchase date. Once opened our adhesives should be replaced in around 4 weeks as performance will start to degrade rapidly after this point.


    How should I store my lash adhesive?

    Before opening adhesives can be stored in the fridge (or even the freezer) to extend shelf life. Storing at below 13C slows down the chemical reaction that causes cyanoacrylate based adhesives to age.

    Once opened however, they should be stored upright in a cool dark place, out of direct sunlight, and away from primers or any alcohol based products as these can cause the adhesive to dry out. For best results always wipe down the nozzle after use, and replace the cap tightly.

    Never store adhesives in the fridge after opening as they will be at risk of being exposed to moisture. The only time storing in the fridge is recommended after opening is if you are concerned your adhesive will be exposed to temperatures above 35c for extended periods. In this case we highly recommend first placing the adhesive in an airtight container.


    What's the ideal temperature & humidity range for your eyelash adhesives?

    This differs from adhesive to adhesive but you can refer to the chart above and you will also find the recommended humidity and temperature ranges written on the bottle and the product page for each adhesive.

    How can I improve the retention of my lash adhesive?

    Using a cleanser, primer & super bonder can improve lash retention dramatically. Our Super Bonder will speed up the curing process meaning that there’s no waiting period to get the lashes wet and they’ll be protected as soon as your client leaves the salon.

    Can your lash adhesives be used for both classic and volume lashes?

    Yes, our adhesives can all be used for either volume or classic application, however it’s important to find a glue that dries at the appropriate speed for your skill level.


     What can I do if my lash adhesive isn't working?

    We cover a range of issues and their solutions in this blog post:
    However you can also reach out to us with any questions you may have.