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Promade Volume Fans


Our promade lashes are made from the highest quality PBT fibres and feature wide fans and slim bases to give your sets maximum coverage and volume.

They're available in 3D - 14D C, CC, D & M Curls so you can cater to a range of styles.


Promades are the newest variety of premade volume fan. They are exactly like a handmade volume fan except you don't have to do any of the work making the fan yourself. They come pre-made in neat rows, ready for you to just pick up and apply

Promade fans are a great way to create volume sets, hybrid sets and mega volume sets without the hassle of creating your own fans. They greatly reduce application time while still providing the same look as a handmade set

You simply pick them from the tray, dip in lash extension glue and apply the same way you would a classic lash extension or handmade volume fan

Use a set of lash tweezers to clasp the fan at the base and very carefully peel it away from the strip (toward the top, not directly toward yourself). Never grab the fans from the top or the middle as they will break. Once picked up simply place the fan down and pick it up from the top, dip in lash adhesive and apply

No, as long as you properly assess your clients natural lash health and only apply dimensions and diameters that are suitable for them promades will not damage your clients lashes

Promade lashes are just another type of premade volume fan. They differ from long stem premades in that they have a wider fan and slimmer, shorter base, more closely resembling a handmade fan

Yes, if you have learnt to apply classic lash extensions then you should be able to apply promades as well. They're a great, fast & easy alternative to creating your own fans

Two words... Quality & Service. Our lashes are created from the highest quality Korean PBT fibres to ensure strong & consistent curls, and look amazing.

We also back our products with 60 Day FREE returns so if for any reason you're not satisfied with one of our products you can send it back at our expense and we'll either refund it or provide store credit.

We offer fast shipping all over Australia & Worldwide and offer bulk discounts so you can save big when you shop with us. We also have an amazing customer support team ready to help if you need any advice