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7d promade fans

Good quality

Absolutely Stunning Lashes ♡

I just did my second purchased of these new Loose Promade Volume Fans
14D 0.03Curl 13mm
They are so beautiful, so soft and Wow I'm in love,these suit my eyes and face,so light and not over powering.The lashes give me definition and applied with their safe lash glue.
I'm so happy to find lashes that don't look fake or so dark.Im ordering more right now,so I've always got them before they sell out.
I'm definitely only purchasing from my new favourite store, Thanks guys, your packaging and shipping was Phenomenal, I received my order in 2 days and I'm in Western Australia 🇦🇺
Highly Recommend ☆☆☆☆☆


Easy to use and makes lashes look nice and natural will be purchasing more


This is one of the best products I’ve used!
I have tried so many different products and never come across one as well pieced and amazing!

Look incredible on top on the ease of use!

Going to be the new go to. The boxes the lashes come in make it so easy to know where I’m at with lengths and how many fans I’ve used. The finish on these lashes are a dream. Not too matte and not too glossy either. The set below is my favourite set to date. Love these!

Best glue

I have been on the hunt for the best glue and I have found it finally it has the best retention and it dosnt matter what sort of lashes I'm using the bond so well this glue is a game changer

Hold On

Omg! I cannot express how much I love the hold & retention of this adhesive.

Best ever

I’ve tried multiple eyelash glue and none are as good as this. My lashes last 3-4 weeks before needing infills. I was having to get new sets every 2-3 weeks before finding this glue it has saved me so much money 👌🏻

Best product

Best product I’ve used! Quick and effective. My clients love their lash lifts ☺️

Positive purchase experience backed by speedy delivery, CUTE packaging and great product!

Purchased this lash glue to see if this brand will have good adhesion holding up the new little lashes my previous glue couldn't hold up. It arrived in 2 days (?!?!) and the package was SO CUTE I had to take a picture! The product did perform - all my lashes held up including the tiny new ones and it was not harsh, irritating or hard to rinse off. It was my most successful self-lash lift with this glue!


These lashes were great, as a beginner I found them great to pick up, and place, very consistent threwout the lashes. I really stuggle to make fans and these just make my lashing faster and smoother

Best adhesive!

The Strong Hold adhesive is the best I have ever used, and I have tried many including big brand names. It has a fairly broad range for working humidity and actually holds those lashes on. I use in conjunction with the Green Tea Primer and have noticed a significant difference in retention for even my most non-retentive clients. Thank you My Lash Store!
Photo is of 4 week retention of a regular 2 week client

3D Long Stem Premade Volume Fans (640 Fan XL Tray) - D Curl
El Draghici

Love these Promades, been using them for months now. Highly recommend

Awesome glue

I can’t use any other glue ! This is what I was looking for long time.

Love the lash lift glue 😍

RefectoCil Lash & Brow Tint #3.1 Light Brown
Fabiana De Oliveira Meireles Manhães

This ink pigments super well, and its durability is incredible. Therefore, it is necessary to combine your pause time according to your client's skin background so that you can achieve the desired color. Also be careful with cleaning the contour so as not to stain the skin, you can just clean it with a cotton swab and water. With these precautions, everything will work out for both brows and lashes. Hope I helped.

Retention Booster Bundle
Ashlee French
Retention booster bundle

The Retention Booster Bundle from My Lash Store is the perfect bundle for all your lash needs. It is fantastic to use and simple as well. The Green Tea Lash Cleanser & Primer is the best on the market due to its two in one use & how well it cleanses and primes the lashes, all my clients love the smell too. The Super Bonder is great to ensure your lashes are bonded for that extra retention & finished look. The Strong Hold Glue is amazing due to the low fume output & it’s formula only taking 1-2 seconds to dry making it easy to get those lashes on and reduce the clients time in the salon. With this bundle I get at least 10-12 weeks Retention and very happy clients that walking out of the salon. I recommend this bundle to professional & bigger Lash Technicians. Here is a before and after of a client.

Very great in retention

I love this glue. I’ve been using this for 6 years now and it’s very great in retention! Cannot fault it.

My Lash Store is also very helpful with anything I need that dealing with them is super easy! Thanks My Lash Store!

Wispy 7D Promade Volume Fans (500 Fan XXL Tray) - D Curl

I’m so happy with these lashes they look amazing and so fun to play around with to make such a pretty set

Want to transform from looking like a 12 year old to your proper adult self? GET THIS!

I have see-through brow and eye lashes and even when tinted, they are unruly and make me look like a 12 year old. I thought I'd try the sample kit and next time I'll be buying the full kit, as I'm super impressed with the products (previously had been going to a professional salon to get them done but it's too expensive for me to maintain.) Thanks for creating an affordable solution for those of us who aren't blessed with beautiful lashes and brows naturally! <3

7D Long Stem Premade Volume Fans (320 Fan XL Tray) - D Curl
Kirria Dalton
Nice & Fluffy, Easy to use

I used these on my best friend for my Volume assessment. They are so easy to use and are nice and fluffy.

Amazing Product

I used this product on myself last night to try before I use on my clients and I absolutely love it.

Sensitive Lash Tape
Kirria Dalton
Great Easy Product

Easy to use, great for sensitive eyes. Does Not move.

5D Rapid Promades

Once I received these I was soo excited to use them, until I opened the box…everything was stuck together layers upon layers of lashes and adhesive strips stuck together. I spent a very very long time peeling and placing the layers apart. I didn’t want to put them back into the original box just for them to stick together again so I had to use all of my silicone pads to place them separately. The next issue was that nothing was labeled. They were sorted I presume it was in order from shortest to longest but upon placing them on the silicone pads there is no measurement label to clearly see how long they are really easy to mix up while doing a set. My opinion is I would not purchase these again they are too frustrating to work with. And I regret buying them I already bought new ones soo i don’t have to use them.

Hi Shelly,

Thankyou for taking the time to place a review. I'm really sorry to hear that the rapid promades didn't meet your expectations. We're always looking for ways to improve our products so your feedback is valuable to us. Based on recent customer feedback we have started labelling each line within the mixed trays so you can see the exact length you're removing from the box, however as you have pointed out this still requires memorising which strip is which once they're on the lash pad but if there is a way to improve this we'll do what we can to make it happen.

Kindest Regards,

My Lash Store Customer Support


This is my fourth bottle I wish there was a smaller bottle cause I hate to waste anything. But omg I cannot think my business without it. Hands down the best in the market. Have tried a few but nothing beat this.