5D [Short Stem] Volume Fans - C Curl

Size Guide

Amazing Volume in Half the Time!

Our short stem pre-made volume fans offer all the time saving and volume boosting benefits of our longer stemmed pre-made fans. However, they feature a shorter base and wider fan, providing a softer, fluffier look, just like a hand made fan.

5D lashes are actually 5 individual lashes joined together at the base that can be applied to a single natural lash to give a fuller, more voluminous look. They’re perfect for providing extra volume or simply used to cut down application time. 

Our short stem fans feature a gorgeous semi-gloss finish, are extremely light weight and are made from high quality PBT synthetic materials for a stronger bond, and longer wear.

Requiring less adhesive than classic lashes our volume fans cause minimal stress to the natural lashes while still giving a beautiful, full appearance. 

NOTE: If removing the lashes is difficult apply some gentle heat to the tray or strip. A lamp or sunlight is ideal.


      • Beautiful Silk Finish
      • Fast Application
      • Wider Fan for added volume
      • Cruelty Free & Vegan


        • Lines: 16 per tray
        • Fans: 160 per tray
        • Curl: C
        • Diameter: .07
        • Lengths: 8mm - 15mm & Mixed Length
        • Mixed Lengths: 8mm(1) 9mm(1) 10mm(2) 11mm(3) 12mm(3) 13mm(3) 14mm(2) 15mm(1)

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 55 reviews
        LOVE IT

        I bought the short stem volume fans 5D they are amazing! They sit perfectly and are easy to work with
        Worth buying!!

        5D short stem

        Lashes are good, but actually thought I was getting larger trays for the price. Two tiny trays for $40 is definitely higher end pricing for lashes.


        I’ve been using the short stem collection in my home salon for a few months now and have found they are just perfect for all types of lashes! The retention I get from them is at least 3weeks +!

        Amazing!! The best lashes I have ever had!

        I bought these to take to my lash tech to try on me after reading many of the 5 start reviews on the website. I am so happy I purchased them! They are by far the best lashes I have ever had on. The short stem suits my eye type perfectly. I found them to be much much more durable than a classic set. I usually need infills within 2 weeks but the 5D set lasted nearly 4 weeks before you could notice I needed a touch up! I highly recommend giving these a go. I won’t be buying anything else. Personally I love the 13mm length. Shipping is also suuuper fast! Very satisfied :)


        Absolutely love these 5D lash fans, the short stems make them so much easier to work with and the results are always flawless.


        Absolutely love the short stem.. they sit so nicely on the natural lash.

        Beautifully made, light weight

        Will definately be purchasing again

        Need more 15!!

        Loveeee the lashes! But personally I don’t use anything as small as an 8, I think more rows of the bugger sizes, like 14-15 and get rid of the 8. If I bought a whole tray of 8 it would last me forever where as I use 15 on almost everyone

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