Advanced Training Mannequin

With New & Improved Replaceable Eyelids!

Our advanced lash training mannequin has removeable, replaceable eyelids and is made from super soft silicone rubber to more closely resemble the real thing.  It's the perfect way for beginners to hone their skills and for advanced artists to show off the lash styles they offer in their salon.

Each mannequin comes equipped with one pair of eyelids and replacement pairs are available for purchase via the drop down menu in packs of 3.

Extensions can be washed with a cleanser and removed using an adhesive remover. Basically anything you can do with real lashes, you can do with these.

NOTE: To extend the life of the mannequin we recommend using eyepads during application. 



  • Super Soft Silicone Rubber 
  • Replaceable eyelids
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Universal socket at the back

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

The eyelashes had fallen off the dummy strip lash. The eyes are so deep within the cavity that only the ends of the lashes stick out. It was a very bad product. If I were you I would remove it from sale or risk ru8ning your reputation. Especially as the cost was $99. Sorry

Hi Kim,

Thankyou for taking the time to place your review. I'm really sorry to hear that the mannequin has arrived faulty. Our customer support team will be in touch momentarily to help make this right for you.

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