Foaming Lash Cleanser - 60ml

Dramatically extend the life of your clients lashes with My Lash Store's Foaming Lash Cleanser

Our formula removes dirt, oil, makeup & other residue that can cause early shedding of your clients extensions and also promotes natural lash health (as you know the healthier your clients lashes, the longer their extensions remain full and lush)

It can be used as both a pre-application lash cleansing treatment and also as an aftercare product you can retail to your customers (We’ve noticed customers who use this at home coming back for 2 week infill appointments with almost full sets of lashes!).


  • Dramatically extends lash retention
  • Peach Scented
  • 60ml bottle
  • Purchase in bulk and retail in your salon

 Vegan Ingredient IconCruelty Free Icon


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Retailing to your customers will not only provide extra income for your business but also cut down on application time when they return for their appointment with fuller lashes.

  • 5 Units: Save 22% (Your Profit: $55*)
  • 10 Units: Save 34% (Your Profit: $130*)
  • 20 Units: Save 44% (Your Profit: $300*)

*Based on selling at below RRP

RRP: $24.95

    • Clients must wait at least 24 hours after appointment before use
    • Dispense a small amount of cleanser onto a brush then gently groom downwards through the lashes.
    • After cleansing thoroughly rinse lashes with water (using in the shower is recommended)
    • Repeat treatment every few days

    Water, Glycerol, Peg-14m, Octanoic acid / decylic acid glycero-10, L-glutamic acid, n-coco acyl derivs., disodium salts, Sodium Lauroylsarcosinate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Citric acid, Diazolidinyl urea, lodopropynyl butylcarbamate, Propylene glycol

    DISCLAIMER: With the exception of our Aftercare & Retail Range our products are intended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. My Lash Store accepts no responsibility for the misuse of our products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Dara Aga in
    Great lash cleanser

    Love this! Makes my eyelash extension last longer ans fluffier!

    Great foamy lash cleanser

    Great cleanser, foams really well and doesn’t irritate around the eyes at all

    Sarah Mason
    Foaming lash cleanser

    Amazing! So light in your lashes but cleans them so well! Doesn’t sting and really gentle on your eyes! Highly highly recommend

    Phuong Dung Nguyen
    Highly recommend

    I love this foaming cleanser and my clients do. Really gentle. I’ve bought so many times. Highly recommend!!!

    Phoebe Roberts
    Foaming Lash Cleanser

    I am very pleased with my order, I received the correct product in a very timely manner, the process of ordering was very easy and I will continue to re purchase. This lash cleanser is by my favourite, I have noticed my lashes last longer when I use this cleanser.

    Sophie lawrence
    Made my eyes burn and eyelashes fall out

    Worst product I’ve ever used instantly burned my eyes out got rid of lashes fluffiness I asked my lash tech she did research on the product and it’s oily based products which make your lashes fall out which mine did such false advertisement do not buy this product I never write reviews for anything but I truly dislike this and don’t want anyone’s special lashes to get ruined

    Ariane Gioffre
    You need to clean your lashes! And this is the best!!

    This lash cleanser cleans my lashes better than other ones I’ve tried. My eyelashes last 4 weeks now and I never have to worry about itchy and irritated eyelids when they aren’t cleansed properly after a night out wearing makeup. It’s a must if you get eyelash extensions

    Chantelle Loader
    Clean Lashes

    Absolutely love this cleanser it's soft on the skin and no irritation to my clients 😍

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