Lash Lift Y-Comb

This reusable Y Comb is used to groom the lashes during a lash lift process to ensure they're properly spaced and aligned.

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Customer Reviews

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Made my lash lifts so much easier 🙏🏼

I love this little comb! I was struggling terrible to straighten out the lashes and adding so much more time on to my apppointments until I got this comb. Would definitely recommend. It’s so tiny and handy and easy to use

My only qualm would be that it can be a little difficult to clean as the glue obviously gets caught in the prongs of the comb and they’re so small! I felt like I was going to break the comb trying to clean it quickly to move into the next eye.

I recommend this comb but I also recommend having a little pot of water, a spooly/mascara wand and a clean dry cloth at the ready to clean it once you get a bit of glue build up on there as it won’t work as well once the glue is built up.
Also recommend keeping it in its own specific space as its transparent/clear and I kept putting it down on my lash cart and not being able to find it again :)
Overall I love it and don’t know how I coped using only tweezers to stick the lashes up straight before


High quality tool that does the job!

Ashleigh Tindale
Y-Comb had broken teeth

Hi there,

I received my order, however the teeth on my Y-Comb were broken. I haven't opened the others, just the one. I haven't needed to use them yet to check the condition of the others. I wasn't going to say anything, but since there is a chance to review, I thought I would let you know.


Hi Ashleigh,

Thankyou for taking the time to place your review. I'm so sorry that one of your Y-Combs arrived like that. Our customer support team will be in touch momentarily to get this sorted out for you.

B L Parker
Comb? More like wizard wand.

I can’t express enough how much one tiny tool has changed my life. Not only does it brush lashes completely up onto the pad with a perfect gap, but it pulls and tightens the hair to reach its highest potential lift, show casing just how amazing the art of lash lifts really are. I could not live without this product now.

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