Glues - Safe Lash - Eyelash Extension Adhesive - 5ml

Safe Lash - Eyelash Extension Adhesive - 5ml


My Lash Store's Safe Lash Adhesive is a specially formulated glue for highly sensitive clients. 

It has a long drying time of 7-8 seconds also making it ideal for trainee technicians with little to no experience.

The Safe Lash Adhesive's special formula results in zero fumes and an extremely low rate of reaction.

  • Adhesive Colour: Black
  • Consistency: Medium
  • Bottle Size: 5ml
  • Ideal Working Temperature: 23-28c 
  • Ideal Working Humidity: 45-65%


  • 2-3 week retention time
  • Zero fumes
  • Ideal for highly sensitive clients
  • 7-8 seconds drying time
  • Suited to all levels of experience from trainee up
  • Free from latex and heavy metals
  • Comes with resealable pouch, silica gel pack and nozzle pin


  • Professional Use Only- Not to be applied to own lashes
  • Shake for a full minute before each appointment. Results will be poor if adhesive is not mixed well.
  • Keep Away From Children
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and skin and seek immediate medical assistance in case of emergency
  • Shelf Life (unopened): 6 Months
  • Use within 2 months of opening (replacing after 1 month is recommended though as performance will deteriorate)


  • Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from children.
  • After opening ensure cap is replaced tightly to prevent inflow of air.

INGREDIENTS: Ethyl cyanoacrylate, Alkoxy2-cyanoacrylate, Carbon black, Polymethyl methacrylate, 1,4-Dihydroxybenzene

DISCLAIMER: Our Eyelash Extension Glues, Removers & Primers are intended only for professionals who have undertaken the appropriate training in applying eyelash extensions. Under no circumstances should our products be used on yourself. Once purchased, My Lash Store accepts no responsibility for the misuse of our products. Anyone purchasing our products should know how to avoid irritation and inflammation and how to respond should an adhesive come into contact with the skin or eyes. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for our products

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Glue does take a little longer to dry but is excellent


Doesn’t dry as fast as I would like it to apart from that at great adhesive

Great product!

I have allergic reactions to every glue and was close to giving up.
Researched my lash store and found this glue and this morning have woken up with no reaction!! highly recommend!

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