BL Black Diamond Coating Sealant - 7ml

Protects Extensions & Improves Retention!

Protect your clients lashes and your business with BL Lash's Black Diamond Coating Sealant.

This sweet smelling, lash sealant provides a layer of black tint (similar to mascara) that helps to protect and maintain the bond between the natural lash, glue and extensions. Leaving your clients with fuller lashes for longer.


  • Protects the adhesive bond
  • Extends life of extensions
  • Buy in bulk and retail in your salon


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Black Diamond Coating Sealant is both ideal as a great finishing touch to your extension process and also perfect to retail to your clients as an aftercare product that will help extend the life of their extensions.

  • 5 Units: Save 13% (Your Profit = $75*)
  • 10 Units: Save 26% (Your Profit = $180*)

*Based on selling at below RRP

RRP: $34.95


  • Allow extensions to fully dry (use gentle fan if necessary)
  • Dip a clean, sterilised mascara wand into the sealant
  • Brush gently across the top of the lashes as you would apply a mascara


  • Apply by gently brushing the top of the lashes using the brush provided
  • Repeat application approximately every 2-3 days




Water, Alcohol, PYP, Nonoxynol-12, Sodium Hyaluronate, Gardenia Florida Fruit Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium, EDTA, Dextrin


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Tanya Rutherford
    Black Diamond rocks

    Got this to help retain my lashes between appointments and have been impressed with the retention obtained by the extra sealing. Highly recommend this product.

    Results 👌

    The best sealant I've come across. It does protect the bonds of the glue resulting in better retention and healthy lashes

    Rosalinde Roos
    Brilliant & fantastic

    I purchased this sealant after I found my lashes to be falling out faster then normal due to have my makeup removed and applied more then usual (due to studying in a makeup course).. and this has changed my eyelash game... it made a huge difference when it came time for refills and will definitely be purchasing again and again... thank you

    Taniya Fidge
    Oily lids? Patchy lashes? Pillow friends in the morning0?

    I suffered with all these things and was about to give up on lash extensions when I discovered this sealant. Now I've got longer , fuller retention and a glossy more natural look and piece of mind they aren't going anywhere as fast -
    (" Are they real? Are they extensions ? ")
    Such an inexpensive product that delivers. As a bonus the packaging is beautiful. Don't bother doing any more google searches- this is the one you want !

    BL Lash Sealant

    Purchased this product recently and have been loving the results. Not only does this product promote great retention but also gives a nice refresh of colour to your lashes. Reasonably priced and arrives quickly. Would highly recommend this product and will be purchasing again.

    Noelle Roberts-Mok
    Ginseng Coat

    Love Love the smell of ginseng smell from this black diamond coat. Only one coat is required to provide the alertness and sparkle from these eyes! x

    Jane Norgate
    Great product

    have only used a couple of times but can see the benefits from using it

    Rachel C
    Great Product

    This product works! My eyelash extensions are lasting longer than they usually would. Extremely happy with it and will definitely be back for more. :)

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