Adhesive Wipes

No More Blocked Nozzles & Stuck Caps

Keep your adhesive bottles clean, fresh and working well with our lash adhesive wipes. No more blocked nozzles, stuck caps and sticky mess. Simply grab a wipe and clean the nozzle each time you dispense your glue drop. 

They're also lint free to avoid fire hazards and can be used to wipe down jade stones, glue wells, glue pallets & tweezers.


  • 170 pcs
  • Lint free

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Shajeda Kalitzki-Abedin
Adhesive Wipes

These work so incredibly well, and such a great price for the quality! Easy to use and arrived super fast as well. I use them not only to clean my glue nozzles, also to wipe my tweezers quickly during lashing and catch any moisture if my clients eyes are watering a little. Great quality! 😍

Emily Lambourne
A must need!

Happy I've got this as it has definitely made my work a little easier, and how handy it is to have to help prevent glue build-up and clean the glue nozzle, and do not leave any fibres stuck to the nozzle which is what these wipes achieve to do. A must need for lash techs!

Demi Laut
Adhesive Wipes

These wipes are a must for anyone lashing! Such a good quality and don’t leave any mess behind! Plus they’re super useful to place at the outer corner of your clients eyes if they’re watering and absorb their tears so well! Game. Changer!

Endang Sugiarti
Easy to use

Handy to have and easy to use to clean the adhesive

Renee Sexton
Adhesive wipes

There such a good thing to have on ur trolley and stop the glue from going dry around the nozzle

Lash Estetica
Great product

I’ve found a massive different since buying this product it cleans my glue so well which increases longevity.

Faatimah Casoojee
A must have !!

I honestly can’t live without these !! So easy to use on my nozzles to ensure that there is no glue on there going to harden ! I also use it on my tweezers if I accidentally touch them in the glue ! Amazing

Adhesive wipes

These wipes are a waste of money. Not sure if your suppose to add water, but I would be better off buying bulk the alcohol wipes for half the price than buy these wipes. Waste of money.

Hi Kimalee,

I'm sorry to hear the wipes weren't to your liking. The reason they're used instead of alcohol wipes is that the alcohol can cause the glue to polymerise and block the nozzle.

Water also shouldn't be added to the wipes as you will risk exposing the adhesive to moisture which will degrade performance.

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