Ellipse Flat Lashes - D Curl

More Volume with Less Stress

Add more volume to your sets without adding more stress to your clients lashes!

Our Ellipse Flat lashes weigh approximately half the weight of their classic lash equivalent which means they bond better and stay on for longer. They have a semi-gloss, silk finish, are ultra soft and feature a split tip for added volume. Flat lashes are ideal for classic 1:1 lashing and hybrid sets. See our diagram for more information.


  • Ultra soft & light
  • Better adhesive bond & longer retention
  • Split tip for added volume
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Cruelty Free & Vegan


  • Lines: 16 per tray
  • Curl: D
  • Diameter 0.15 / 0.20
  • Lengths: 8mm – 15mm & Mixed
  • Mixed Lengths: 8mm(1)  9mm(1) 10mm(2) 11mm(3) 12mm(3) 13mm(3) 14mm(2) 15mm(1)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ebony Lawrie
Flat lash trays

The quality of these is terrible.
I’ve purchased two mixed D-curl trays on 2 separate occasions and on both trays none of the strips come up no matter how careful I am with them…they all just rip which makes them useless because I can’t stick them to my lash tile - incredibly frustrating.

I purchase all my lash stock from you guys and I’ve never had an issue before, my pre-made trays that I purchased are perfect but these flat lashes just rip

Hi Ebony,

I'm so sorry to hear about the issues you've had with these. Our customer support team will be in touch momentarily to help make this right for you.

Best and long lasting!

Love love love the eclipse flat lashes and so do all my clients, I haven’t used the mink or silk since introducing my clients to these. My clients get 3-4weeks wearing these. I even had one come back recently after 6 weeks, with what appeared to be a 3week retention!

Tara Renata
Flat lashes ease

These lashes are very soft and easy to apply very happy and retention with these lashes are fabulous

Retention issues

I’ve used these lashes on 2 of my clients and sadly they both have come back to me a couple of days after saying that they have lost a majority of there lash extensions. They also look to “plastic” for my liking. Apart from that, the application is much easier than normal lash extensions due to them being flat. However, I will probably stick to the mink lashes that I buy from this site.

Tina Luong
Ellipse Flat Lashes D Curl

Recently just purchased these lashes and I am so far loving them. My first time using flat lashes and they were so easy to use. I love the packaging and the lashes came off the foil amazing and so smooth. Would definitely repurchase again!

Nikki Nieling

Perfect for damaged/ fine or less dense lashes

Kaiya Clemson

Ellipse Flat Lashes - D Curl

Sabrina Ronzitti
The best

Fav lashes

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