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January 04, 2024 4 min read

The beginning of the new year is a time to reflect on what we’ve achieved in the year just gone, and set some lofty new goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

Sadly, most people never follow through with those goals. In fact, research suggests it’s only around 8% who do. But not you right? You always crush those goals, right?

Don’t stress if your answer is a resounding no. You’re hardly alone.

Ever wondered why gyms are buzzing in January, only to fizzle out by March?

It’s because achieving goals requires change, change demands motivation, and motivation runs out quickly.

We’re about to show you the secret to slaying the lofty lash goals you set this year, and making them a reality.


I want you to answer a question…




  • To master some new lash styles and techniques?
  • To grow that client list ?
  • To finally get your finances under control ?
  • To start training aspiring lash artists?
  • To start a thriving chain of successful salons and go to sleep on a huge pile of cash every night?


Pile Of Cash


Keep that goal in mind and read on as we explain the secret to achieving it.



Best selling author and expert on forming habits - James Clear, teaches that traditional goal setting methods often have things backwards (focussing on outcomes & processes first, rather than identity). 


There are 3 parts (or layers) to any goal:

Layer 1 - The Outcome: This is what you want to achieve. (eg. Lose 10kg by July 30)

Layer 2 - The Process: This is how you’re going to achieve the goal. (eg. Workout for 45 minutes every day and consume only 1800 calories)

Layer 3 - Identity: This is the person you need to become in order to stick with the process and achieve the outcome. It’s about the beliefs you have and the self-image you form (eg.  Become the kind of person who makes great choices with health & nutrition)


The 3 Layers to Goal Setting


“Outcomes are about what you get. Processes are about what you do. Identity is about what you believe” - James Clear


Going straight to the core and addressing the 3rd layer is where the magic happens. Here's how to do it...



Decide the kind of lash artist you want to become. What’s their mindset? What do they believe? What kind of activities do they prioritise?

If you’re not sure what that looks like exactly, start with the outcome you want to achieve and work your way back to get to the identity.


New Year - New Me



Want to master some new techniques and expand your skillset? (Outcome)

Then you’ll need to spend more time practicing new techniques (Process)

In order to do this you’ll need to become the type of lash artist who believes that improving their skillset is important, a professional of your craft who prioritises researching, practicing and perfecting new techniques (Identity)


Want to expand your humble home business into a successful salon with your own employees (Outcome)?

Then you’ll need to spend time developing a business plan and learning about business (Process)

To do that you’ll need to establish the identity of someone who’s always looking to expand their business skillset. Someone who prioritises self-education and isn’t afraid to dream big (Identity)

The 3 Layers of Goal Setting 2



Just adopting a new identity isn't enough. Establishing and reinforcing this identity with small wins is the key to turning dreams into reality.

Find a small win that reinforces your new identity – a step towards achieving your goal. For instance, set aside time each day to learn how to develop a business plan.

At the the end of the week you won’t have achieved all your dreams of opening that new salon, but you will have taken a very important step towards it, and most importantly you’ll have taken a big step toward reinforcing your new identity.

If your goal is to market your business better, then taking before and after pics of every set is a small win that will reinforce your identity as a social media master!

Consistency is key. Rack up those small wins, build self-belief, and watch as your new habits start to stack up and change who you are.

Those small wins start to change not just what you do, but how you think andwhat you believe.Before you know it, you’re slaying those big goals and making them your new reality.


Little By Little Quote


So get to work and make this year the year that you reach those dreams for your lash business and your life…

  • Step 1. Get clear on your outcome
  • Step 2. Work out the changes you’ll need to make
  • Step 3. Work out the identity you’ll need to make those changes
  • Step 4. Set some small wins to begin with
  • Step 5. Celebrate those small wins and set some more


This might just be the year those big dreams become your big reality!