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March 02, 2023 5 min read

So you’ve decided to become a lash artist and now it’s time to stock up on products.

But looking through the thousands of options for lash variety, curl, length & diameter is enough to make you give up, right?

Struggling to understand the difference between a lash sealant and a lash serum?

Wondering what all those weird tweezer shapes do?

Don’t worry! We gotcha covered!


While this won’t be an in-depth guide on any of the products mentioned, it should be enough to help you get your head around some of the lash biz lingo, and understand what all those crazy products do so you’ll be able to tell your serums from your sealants, your B curls from your C curls and your primers from your bonders.


Which Lash Extension Should I Choose?

We’re going to assume here that you’ve undergone training and already know the difference between individual lashes and premades and instead we’ll be going over curls, diameters and lengths.



Which Lash Curl Should I choose?

While there are a lot of different curls around today we’ll cover the big 3… B, C & D Curls.

B Curl – Provides the most natural look of the 3 and is great for beginner lash technicians still learning their craft as the straighter extensions provide more surface area for them to bond with the natural lash.

C Curl – Provide slightly more lift than a B and really open up the eye.

D Curl– These provide even more lift than a C and provide a more dramatic look and much needed lift to clients who have naturally downward angled lashes. The D Curl is also the most difficult of the 3 for beginner technicians to apply.

If you’re still learning your craft then B Curls are a great way to learn but you’ll probably find that C & D curls become the most popular choice for you and your clients.




Which Diameter Lash Extension Should I Choose?

0.03 to 0.07 – These diameters are mostly used for Russian volume (making your own volume fans)

0.10 – While you can use these to create 2D-4D fans, the most popular use is as an individual (classic) extension on naturally finer lashes.

0.15 – This is the most popular diameter for classic lashes and works well on most clients

0.20 – These provide a thicker, denser looking lash than the .15 for a slight mascara like effect. Recommended only for strong and healthy natural lashes.




Which Length Lash Extension Should I Choose?

For most sets you’ll be applying a blend of different lengths (for instance, shorter lengths at the ends of the eye and longer lengths toward the middle).

The most popular lengths tend to be around 11-13mm. However, there will always be exceptions so it’s a good idea to keep a wider range on hand.

TIP: Many of our customers will purchase their preferred lengths in individual length lash trays (trays where all the lashes are the same length) and then also purchase a few ‘Mixed Length Trays’ (lash trays where the lashes are a mixture of different lengths usually from 8mm to 15mm) to cater for the occasional client who wants something shorter or longer.

Keep in mind that the more curled a lash is, the shorter an extension willappear so you’ll find that a 12mm B curl will look longer than a 12mm D curl even though they are the same length.

Everyone’s lashes and eye shapes are different so when it comes to stocking lashes, it’s best to have at least a couple of different curls & diameters to work with as well as a range of lengths. This will ensure you have what you need to cater to every client’s needs.



Which Lash Glue is Best For Me?

When you’re first starting out the 2 things we recommend looking for when selecting a lash adhesive are:



If you’re still learning the craft and you’re taking a while to apply extensions then you’re going to need an adhesive with a slightly longer drying time. 

For most beginners a glue with a 3-4 second drying time should be sufficient. Once your technique is down and you’re more experienced you’ll want to switch to a faster drying lash adhesive with a 1-2 second drying time.

For beginners we recommend: Easy Lash Adhesive (3-4 second drying time)

For advanced lash artists we recommend our Strong Hold Lash AdhesiveIt's the best lash adhesive in our selection and holds lash on for 8 weeks+. It has a 1 second drying time so requires a faster action.


Most lash adhesives come with guidelines for the range of temperature and humidity levels they work best in. So figure out what the temperature and humidity levels are in your work area before making your decision. And keep in mind that lights and lamps can slightly raise the temperature in your immediate working area so while the room you’re in may be 20c, the area you’re working in might be 22 or 23




Which Lash Tweezers Should I use?

While there are a huge variety of tweezers to choose from we’ll cover the main 3 types here…

Straight Tweezers are ideal for application of classic lashes & isolation. When it comes to isolation the longer tips are better than shorter tipped tweezers

Curved Tweezers are designed to easily pick up and apply volume fans and can also be used for isolation (they’re particularly good for clients with deep set eyes)

L Shape Tweezers(also known boot tweezers) are ideal for both handmade and premade volume fans.




Which Lash Products do I Need for Pre & Post Treatment?

Lash Primer - A lash primer is used before any extensions are applied will remove any dirt, oil & makeup residue from your clients natural lashes and help create a clear surface for the adhesive to bond to.

Lash Bonder - A lash bonder is applied to the base of the extensions after application is complete and will help to quickly cure the lash adhesive. Using a good bonder will improve retention and also mean your clients don’t have to wait 24 hours before getting their lashes wet

Lash Coating Sealant - A lash sealant is used to completely coat the lashes & natural extensions after treatment and will help protect the adhesive bond between natural lash & extension resulting in longer lasting lashes. Sealants can also be used by your clients at home daily in order to increase the life of their extensions. 

We stock both a black coating sealant (provides a mascara like look) and also a clear sealant.



Which Disposables do I Need for Lash Application?

The choices here are almost endless and as you find your way as a lash artist, you’ll develop a preference for certain types. Below we’ll outline the most common disposables and explain how they’re used.

Eye Pads – Used to hold the lower lashes in place during application

Mascara Brushes -  Used for separating lashes and extensions

Applicator Wands& Micro Brushes – Ideal for applying primers, removers and cleansers

Lash Tape – Used as both an alternative to eye pads, or to help secure them in place




Hopefully this guide is enough to get you started and make you feel a little more comfortable when it comes to stocking up your salon. But if you need more advice or have any questions, please reach out to our customer support team who will be more than happy to help guide you.